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  • Professional TCM Deputy Director Dr(in china),Practice over 30 years .
  • Member of CAA- College of Acupuncturists of Alberta.
  •  Acupuncture TCM Clinic is on the main floor of the quiet professional office building.
  • Acupuncture/Cupping And/Or Herbs for Treatment.
  • Convenient location, convenient for driving and taking buses. There are bus stops near the clinic: No. 38, No. 20 and No. 5.
  • Enough 2hrs Free Street Parking Lot In Front Of Prefessional Office Building
  • Nice And Friendly、Good Curative Effect.

      Phone :(403)338-9742

  • 中国大型中医医院有丰富临床经验中医副主任医师,超过30年业界经验。
  • 阿省注册针灸师。
  • 针灸中医诊所位于安静的专业办公楼的主层。
  • 提供针灸、拔罐、中药等治疗。
  • 地理位置便利,便于驾驶和乘坐公交车。诊所附近有公共汽车站:38号、20号和5号。
  • 诊所前门充足的2小时免费街边停车位。
  • 耐心、疗效好。

About Dr. LIU,Acupuncturist

Dr. LIU,Registered Acupuncturist.

    Dr. Liu, Acupuncturist. is a licensed Acupuncturist who graduated from the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China and is well experienced in the practice of TCM. Her clinical experience spans 30+ some years working as a practitioner and Deputy Chief Physician in large TCM hospitals in China.

Welcome to experience a different treatment!

She brings this knowledge and experience to her patients in canada.She will work with you to restore and maintain your good health based on the foundational aspects of China's oldest and most effective natural treatment.




Professional TCM Deputy Director Dr(china)
Practice 30+ years
Member CAA

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HIRING: Hiring registered massage therapists(2200 hours Cert) to join our clinic. Full time and part time. If interested, please send your resume to

Address: #6,41 Chelsea St NW

Calgary, AB T2K 1P1

Tel:  (403)338-9742 

Pay by credit card, debit card and cash .  direct billing is available.